15 Beetroot Flavor Innovations – From Tasty Meatless Burger Alternatives to Spiced Beet Salsas (TrendHunter.com)

These beetroot flavor innovations range from tasty meatless burger alternatives to spiced beet salsas. Known for their antioxidant and skin-brightening properties, beets are a superfood that has been used as a wellness aid for decades and has gained more mainstream popularity more recently thanks to brands’ focus on its versatility as an ingredient.

When it comes to healthy snack options, products like the Sproos Collagen Bar range combine beet and raw chocolate ingredients with wild-caught North Atlantic fish proteins. Another notable snack example is the Bright Bar range — offering solid versions of cold-pressed juice favorites. Its beet-infused flavor is combined with ginger and orange for a delicious and nutritious combination.

Other niche beetroot flavor innovations include Whole Foods’ free-from vegetable pizza crust consisting of red beets while Dallas-based cocktail bar The Theodore serves up an artisan range of egg-free cocktails made using aquafaba or chickpea brine. This ingredient is paired with flavorful additions like beet-ginger cordial and orange blossom water among other naturally sourced additives.

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