33 Eccentric Food Concepts – From Edible Sneakers to Cotton Candy Pizzas (TrendHunter.com)

Fast food chains and artisan chefs alike are turning to eccentric food concepts to stay relevant in the rampantly growing restaurant industry. Online food delivery platforms and the boundless food options now presented to consumers create a challenge for food-based companies to stand out.

Excessively indulgent brand stunts like Pizza Hut’s ‘Pizza Burgers’ are common occurrences, often creating buzz among the most audacious foodies. Other innovations like Milan-based artist Yujia Hu’s ‘shoe-shi’ — edible recreations of famous shoes like Nike High Tops, Air Jordans, and Vans — create a more unique interest among a more niche audience. Smaller, lesser known brands like Little Damage, an LA-based ice cream shop use aesthetic and Instagram appeal to their advantage when creating an all black ice cream cone.

Whether it be grotesque, bizarre, or indulgent, eccentric food concepts always create a buzz and keep foodies full.

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