54 Cryptocurrency Revolutions – From Cash-Free Cafes to Crypto-Based Pop Groups (TrendHunter.com)

Cryptocurrency has been around since the late 2000’s, but has recently seen a huge spike in price, interest and cryptocurrency revolutions. While new forms of cryptocurrency seem to be popping up every week, the innovations that drive, use and play on the currencies seem to be greater in number. Those looking for a life free of traditional money may be excited to learn of these innovations, while those fearing the emerging currency may bat their eyes. Either way, cryptocurrency may be around for longer than most think, and with these driving innovations, it is becoming more and more viable.

One of the strangest cryptocurrency innovations on this list has to be the J-Pop group Kasotsuka Shojo. The eight-person girl group is just taking off in Japan and are themed entirely on cryptocurrency. The group most likely stems from the early adoption of cryptocurrency in Japan, and are using music to help people learn more about the emerging currency.

Also featured on this list are company-created cryptos. Chains like Hooters, Burger King and Kodak have all created versions of cryptocurrency, used essentially as reward programs. The innovations show a interest of legitimate companies in new territory, or could simply be publicity stunts made to cash in on growing fads. Either way, these company-created cryptocurrencies show an interest in the idea of cryptocurrency revolutions and could pave the way for future endeavors.

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