Amazonian Fish Skin Fabrics – Oskar Metsavaht’s Scaly Garments are an Alternative to Leather (

Brazil-based designer Oskar Metsavaht stuns consumers with an innovative garment material made from Amazonian fish skin. The creative seeks to address the problem of deforestation and attempts to do so by addressing a hefty factor of the unfortunate phenomenon — cattle ranching.

Oskar Metsavaht’s scaly garments are made from the skin of the Amazonian fish pirarucu. The textured exterior alone makes for a strikingly chic element that renders the items unique and interesting. A viable alternative to leather, the material is a by-product of the food industry. Pirarucu is a dominant component to the north Brazilian diet but people often prefer to discard the skin. Oskar Metsavaht takes advantage of this, adding a degree of sustainability to his practice as well.

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