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Outfitting your home with the latest digital technology no longer means sacrificing aesthetics thanks to Samsung’s latest product. With ‘The Frame,’ consumers can finally combine their love of digital entertainment with their personal design preferences.

The Frame is a new design concept from Samsung that combines a 4K television with a framed piece of artwork. When used as a TV, consumers can enjoy beautiful, cinematic images with four times the resolution of Full HD. The television is also equipped with HDR for vivid color contrast and Active Crystal Color “for image quality that is second to none.”

While The Frame is certainly great for viewing movies and TV, the device is just as useful when turned off. This is thanks to a setting called Art Mode, which turns the television into a gallery-worthy piece that complements any home décor.

Trend Hunter recently spoke to Mark Childs about Samsung’s breakthrough product. Childs explains that what makes The Frame such an innovative product “is that it redefines and ushers in a new era of television design and innovation” as “it transforms the look and feel of our televisions in our homes when it’s turned off.” This not only includes expertly curated pieces from the Samsung Collection, but consumers can also display their own artwork and photos thanks to the My Collection feature. As a result, consumers can fully express their own creativity and sense of style.

Indeed, The Frame not only helps consumers beautify their homes, but it also helps artists showcase their work in a whole new way. As Canadian photographers David Burdeny and Callum Snape explain, The Frame allows them to bring their work to life instantly and to easily share it with new audiences.

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