Bunny-Shaped Butters – Keller’s Creamery is Selling Bunny-Shaped Butter Sculptures for Easter (TrendHunter.com)

If you’re looking for Easter decorations that are both adorable and functional, look no further than Keller’s Creamery’s bunny-shaped butter sculptures. In fact, these buttery little sculptures are so adorable, they might almost be too cute to eat.

Keller’s Creamery is well known for creating butter sculptures to fit every holiday meal. The creamery already churns out tiny turkeys for Thanksgiving, mini trees for Christmas, and now bunnies for Easter. But these’s aren’t just any bunnies. These tiny butter sculptures are surprisingly detailed, with everything from the button nose to the cotton tail down pat.

Each butter sculpture bunny consists of half a pound of salted butter, making it the perfect size for slathering on dinner rolls or doing some Easter baking.

Image Credits: Keller’s Creamery.

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