Caffeine-Free Superfood Latte Blends – Blume’s Beetroot Blend Contains Vitamin C and Antioxidants (

Blume’s Beetroot Blend is a superfood-infused latte mix that promotes a healthy lifestyle. A source of Vitamin C and antioxidants, the powder mix is said to help with inflammation while brightening one’s skin and aiding with detox efforts.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, supplement company Blume aims to create “stuff that tastes good and is good for you” and offers other best-selling blends like Gingerbread Chaga Cocoa and Chili Turmeric among others. Recognizing the purifying properties of beets, the brand combines the superfood powder with organic ginger, clove and cinnamon ingredients to create its signature mix.

Blume’s Beetroot Blend is organic, vegan-friendly and completely caffeine-free, making it ideal for those looking to boost their energy daily without experiencing the common side effects of harsh coffees or teas.

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