Canadian Cannabis Marketplaces – Lift & Co. Provides Customized and Accessible Information to Users (

Lift & Co. CMO Kerri-Lynn McAllister sat down with Trend Hunter to talk about how the Canadian medical marijuana marketplace and community helps users to share and compare their experiences with different products so that they can make more informed purchasing decisions.

As McAllister explains, Lift & Co. has developed a Cannabis Concierge that makes it easy for consumers to find the products that are right for them. They can browse a variety of offerings through the platform, while narrowing their search based on the effects they’re looking to achieve, the experience level they have, and the method in which they prefer to consume cannabis. As the consumption of medical cannabis is still unknown territory for many who are new to it, Lift & Co.’s services assist them in making the most informed decisions possible, whether it’s finding the right product for them, or figuring out the perfect dosage for their needs.

With the market continuing to grow, Lift & Co. will expand its services to the recreational market within Canada, and take on international opportunities as they arise.

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