Cheeky Chicken Apology Ads – KFC Apologizes for Its UK Chicken Shortage with a Clever Ad (

After temporarily closing 700 locations in the UK due to a chicken shortage, KFC has found a clever way to reassure its fans. Instead of a formal note of a apology from its head office, the brand has crafted a humorous ad that is helping to smooth things over with its UK customers.

Following the chicken shortage and subsequent store closures, KFC released a full-page apology ad in the UK’s Sun and Metro papers. The ad shows an empty KFC bucket, however instead of the brand’s famous initials, the bucket simply reads ‘FCK.’ Below the bucket is a block of text apologizing for the lack of chicken and reassuring fans that “it’s been a hell of a week, but we’re making progress.”

The clever ad is already a hit in the UK and demonstrates one of the more graceful ways brands are able to make light of a PR nightmare.

Image Credits: KFC.

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