Cheeseboard Meal Campaigns – Cypress Grove’s Cheeseboards for Dinner Campaign Suggests a Quick Meal (

At the Winter Fancy Food Show, leading cheese producer Cypress Grove is kicking off a year-long ‘Cheeseboards for Dinner’ campaign that suggests a new mealtime idea for time-starved families.

With this new campaign, Cypress Grove aims to show consumers how a collection of cheeses, fruits, vegetables and one’s choice of carbs can be pulled together to create a simple and nourishing meal in minutes that doesn’t require any cooking. Although elaborate cheeseboards are often reserved for entertaining, Cypress Grove aims to strip the cheeseboard back to basics and yet still offer an effortlessly luxurious mealtime idea.

The Cheeseboards for Dinner campaign will be promoted in various ways, with tools to help consumers simplify their shopping lists, how-to guides, an influencer program and even an experiential “cheeseboard adventure” in three major cities.

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