Comedic Camera Candy Dispensers – #FR2 Created a New Candy Dispensing Disposable Camera (

Japanese clothing label Fuxxxking Rabbits (#FR2) created a new candy dispensing disposable camera in collaboration with FUJIFILM. The Hi Soda Candy Camera is filled with colorful, old-fashioned Japanese candy, with each color representing a different humorous fortune for whomever picks the candy.

The exterior of the camera features the brand’s classic bunny logo, on a bright yellow case. In order to get a piece of candy out, the user must press the capture button as if to take a picture. The back of the camera case features a list of all of the fortunes for each color, all written in Japanese. The new candy dispensing disposable camera by #FR2 is available free with the purchase of any article of clothing off of the brand’s website.

Image Credit: Fuxxking Rabbits

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