Comfortable Fast Food Couches – The McDelivery Couch by McDonald’s is Packed with Features (

To bring attention to its McDelivery partnership with Uber Eats, McDonald’s is giving away the one and only McDelivery Couch it created as part of the McDelivery Sweepstakes.

The La-Z-Boy sofa features four reclining seats and two shared consoles that are ideal for holding snacks. The sofa also features built-in cooling consoles to keep drinks like the McFlurry cold. Some of the other details of the McDelivery Couch include stain-resistant iClean fabric—which is ideal, since the couch is a crisp white color—built-in phone chargers, power-adjustable seats, plus a McDelivery with Uber Eats embroidered logo and blanket to support cozy nights in.

Those who are interested in winning the McDelivery Couch need to post about their favorite or most desired McDelivery item on Twitter with the #McDeliverySweepstakes hashtag before entries close on April 8th.

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