Connected Indoor Cycling Trainers – The Technogym ‘MYCYCLING’ Offers Advanced Training Capabilities (

The Technogym ‘MYCYCLING’ cycling trainer has been created as an advanced piece of technology for the home gym that will offer riders with a personalized way to train. Integrated with Bluetooth connectivity, the system works with your existing bicycle to ensure you don’t have to head out in bad weather to partake in cycling training. The system will offer optimized pedaling resistance and will also provide feedback on your performance via your smartphone to ensure you’re making the most of your time spent cycling.

The Technogym ‘MYCYCLING’ cycling trainer also integrates a personalized program functionality that will enable users to create their own customized workouts that help them push past perceived limits. As cycling becomes more popular with urban consumers, we’ll likely continue to see the workout shift from niche to mainstream.

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