Cuisine-Complementing Rosé Wine Pearls – Club Lavender’s Product Makes for an Exquisite Dish (

Club Lavender is offering an incredibly interesting cuisine supplement — Rosé Wine Pearls. Described as “the latest trend in molecular cuisine,” the product will, without a doubt, make for an exceptional dining experience. About 95% of rosé wine has been condensed into alginate capsules that retain the drink’s delicate floral scent.

The wine pearls are an ideal companion for fruit and desserts, as well as fish and cheeses. In addition, their soft pink nuance makes the capsules easily transferred to the composition of the plate. In fact, they add a subtle aesthetic elevation with their smooth oval shape and soft pink coloring.

Club Lavender’s Rosé Wine Pearls will definitely bring a classy twist to any dinner party while promoting experimentation with food.

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