Customizable Performance Bicycles – Trek’s Project One Icon Lets Users Personalize Their Next Bike (

Custom-built bicycles are no stranger to the cycling industry, but Trek is taking things to a whole new level with its Project One Icon. Essentially, this service lets riders not only pick the bike that best fits their needs but also gives them the opportunity to customize almost every part of it. Project One Icon currently offers several of Trek’s road or mountain bikes, including the popular Domane, Émonda, Top Fuel, Fuel EX and the Madone models.

After selecting the base model, riders are given the chance to customize their paint scheme. The system offers dozens of different options and even allows riders to place model specific schemes on other bikes. The next phase of the Project One Icon experience lets riders choose the drivetrain and other components. This includes wheelsets, tires, handlebars, stems, saddle and seat posts, as well as add-ons like bottle cages, pedals and Bluetooth enabled sensors.

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