Digital-Only Fashion Capsules – Carlings’ Digital Fashion Collection Boasts a Futuristic Outlook (

Scandinavian retailer Carlings launches a digital fashion collection that challenges the status quo and takes a look at production values in the context of sustainability. Dubbed ‘Neo-Ex,’ the interactive capsule warrants a picture of the consumer which is used as a guideline for 3D designers to adequately fit the clothing.

The digital fashion collection is a product of a culture that heavily relies on social media. Partly inspired by the onset of personalized digital avatars like Bitmoji, Carlings covers the high fashion portion of this category with its online-only garments. With a base price of $11 USD, the pieces can go up to $33 USD.

In addition to being highly interesting and engaging, Carlings’ digital fashion collection is also a case for sustainability as it is “completely without negative environmental impact.”

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