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With the demand for specialty tea reaching new heights, Toronto’s Plentea is quickly making a name for itself in the city’s West end and beyond. To find out what make the hip tea bar so unique, Trend Hunter talked to the cafe’s co-founders Mohammed Binyahya and Tariq Al Barwani about their unique approach. Binyahya and Al Barwani also gave Trend Hunter a sneak peek at what’s in store for their upcoming Future Festival Trend Safari.

Plentea is a newly opened tea bar located in Toronto’s vibrant Parkdale neighborhood. However, Plentea is not just another tea house. Indeed, from the moment customers enter the store, they are treated to an entirely different cafe experience. Plentea does not pre-blend or pre-mix any of its ingredients, meaning customers have the unique opportunity to watch as their drinks are hand-crafted from fresh ingredients right before their eyes. As Binyahya explains, the idea is to offer a more authentic experience, while also creating new and innovative blends.

While Plentea’s approach to tea may be unique, it is an undeniable hit among customers. Binyahya explains that not only have many people expressed their surprise and delight at tasting such delicious teas, but some have even made the switch from coffee to tea as a result. Al Barwani adds that this is largely due to the fact that Plentea “goes for the wow factor,” and doesn’t shy away from unique offerings such as Black Velvet, the Tiger Latte, and Coconut Cream.

The relentless search for new and innovative flavors is exactly what makes Plentea a perfect fit for Trend Hunter’s Future Festival. During this year’s Trend Safari at the cafe, Binyahya and Al Barwani will not only educate attendees about the history of tea, but also show them the process behind the creation of each drink. Of course, attendees will also have plenty of opportunities to sample the many delicious teas that Plentea has to offer.

To attend this year’s Trend Safari will Plentea, be sure to secure your spot at Future Festival now!

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