Eucalyptus-Infused Mints – The Smint Xtrm Mints are Packed with Refreshingly Soothing Ingredients (

The Smint Xtrm mints are the latest product for consumers from the brand that comes as its first-ever extra strong variety that is sure to be a hit amongst those seeking soothing relief this cold and flu season.

The mints are infused with eucalyptus and menthol for a refreshing blast of coolness that will also help to soothe the throat and open up the sinuses for those who are suffering from a nasty illness. The sugar-free mints also provide an extremely minty refreshment experience that will help to freshen up ones breath between meals.

The Smint Xtrm mints are available on the UK market and comes as a distinctly innovative treat for consumers to pick up when seeking a convenient way to freshen their breath.

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