Fast Food Rivalry Mixtapes – Wendy’s Released Songs About Competitors McDonald’s and Burger King (

The fast food industry is full of competitive, yet tasty, rivalries—and Wendy’s dropped a mixtape dissing its competition recently.

Wendy’s mixtape, titled We Beefin’ has five tracks on it: Twitter Fingers, Holding it Down, Rest in Grease, Clowning and 4 for $4. Those who have listened to Wendy’s mixtape said that it was “surprisingly hard.” A sample of the kind of lyrics one will hear on Wendy’s mixtape includes “Can’t be no king. Your Burger isn’t the finest thing. I can’t believe you peasants have the audacity. You took a L the day you thought to come after me.” These lyrics appear on Rest in Grease and take a dig at Burger King. Wendy’s mixtape also makes references to pop culture too.

Wendy’s mixtape can be heard bashing other fast food competitors on music streaming services such as Spotify. There is no word yet if McDonald’s or Burger King will release a mixtape in return.

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