Flatpack Open-Air Pet Beds – The ‘Κέρβερος’ Folding Dog Bed is Simple to Erect Anywhere (TrendHunter.com)

The ‘Κέρβερος’ folding dog bed is a functional piece of equipment for pet owners that will enable them to keep their furry friend as comfortable as possible wherever they are. The flatpack design of the bed works by having the integrated cord pulled in order to erect the sides and create a sturdy yet undulating form for a dog to sleep in at home or when traveling. The unit can be paired with a mesh covering to create the perfect dog carrier for bringing the pet in a car or with you on a trip to keep them comfortable and cozy.

The ‘Κέρβερος’ folding dog bed is the design work of Shih Wei En and is simple to stow away when not in use to keep it ready for use whenever required.

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