Frothy Fog-Inspired Drinks – Peet’s Coffee Launched a Collection of "Tea Fog" Beverages (

This summer, Peet’s Coffee is adding to its permanent menu with a collection of “Tea Fog” drinks that feature simple ingredients and aesthetically pleasing colors that remind of the fog in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The complete beverage collection includes a mix of coffee- and tea-based options, such as the Coconut Cold Brew Fog, Honey Black Tea Fog, Wildberry Hibiscus Tea Fog, Green Tea Tropical Tea Fog, and the Matcha Tea Fog, many of which are blended with lemonade and a touch of honey.

While consumers will undoubtedly covet the colorful drinks for their dynamic appearances, the drinks will also appeal to those who are looking for refreshment in the range of 90 to 200 calories.

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