Fudge-Dipped Cookie Bites – The New Fudge-Dipped Chips Ahoy! Thin Bites are a Chocolate Lovers Dream (TrendHunter.com)

Following the success of last year’s Fudge-Dipped Oreo Thin Bites, Nabisco has added another ultra-chocolaty hybrid snack to its lineup: Fudge-Dipped Chips Ahoy! Thin Bites.

Like the Fudge-Dipped Oreo Thin Bites that came before it , the new Fudge-Dipped Chips Ahoy! Thin Bites consist of bite-sized cookie pieces coated in chocolate fudge. The only difference is that instead of Oreos, the new cookie bites are stuffed with mini Chips Ahoy! cookies that are described on the package as “thin & crispy!” To promote sharing, the cookies are packaged in a resealable plastic pouch that makes for easy snacking.

With a growing number of consumers looking for smaller indulgences, bite-sized products like the new Fudge-Dipped Chips Ahoy! Thins have become extremely popular.

Image Credits: Nabisco.

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