Handmade Wool Yoga Balls – One Object Caters to the Unconventional Yoga Experience (TrendHunter.com)

The unconventional yoga experience is usually concerned with a choice of place — the 5.8 Undersea Restaurant’s aquatic pop-up class, or paired with another activity — yoga and wine events. However, One Object allows its consumers to integrate the holistic activity in its interior design with the X Ball, an artisan-made felted wool yoga ball that is manufactured in Nepal.

The handmade product is a cover that fits a 65-centimeter rubber ball and comes in a natural gray color. The material is naturally dirt-repellent, hence one should not worry about unpresentable exteriors. The best feature of the X Ball is that it can serve a dual purpose. For one it provides the unconventional yoga experience, as well as it can serve as an additional seating element to the living room.

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