Hydration-Boosting Electrolyte Smoothies – Planet Smoothie is Offering Three New Hydrating Smoothies (TrendHunter.com)

With summer weather on its way, Planet Smoothie has debuted three new hydrating smoothies designed to help consumers beat the heat. Not only are the smoothies refreshingly cold, but each contains essential electrolytes necessary for rehydration.

As part of its limited-time Destination Hydration promotion, Planet Smoothie is offering three new hydrating smoothies for summer 2018. Each of the new coconut water-based smoothies contains a special Hydrate Blast supplement, which is packed with electrolytes that help to support rehydration. Better yet, the refreshing smoothies come in three tropical flavor options, including the mango-based Caribbean Citrus Splash, the berry-packed Rio Berry Bliss, and the passion fruit-infused Fiji Island Breeze.

With many consumers on the lookout for functional beverages, these hydrating smoothies offer a healthy boost.

Image Credits: Planet Smoothie.

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