Iconic Ice Tea-Themed Streetwear – AriZona Launches a Limited Edition Fashion Collection (TrendHunter.com)

As fast food establishment and grocery store chains are launching specially curated clothing lines, US’s number one selling iced tea brand AriZona releases its own limited edition fashion collection with a New York City pop-up shop. The capsule boasts an arrangement of jackets, hoodies and button-downs, as well as two pairs of bespoke Nike Dunk Highs, created in collaboration with Relevant Customs.

The limited edition fashion collection is ultra-stylish. The AriZona signature pastel color palette translates itself meticulously well onto the canvas of contemporary streetwear. In addition, playful references to the beverage company’s cans in the form of patchwork, boasting “Great Buy 99,” instill a retro vibe. From flower patterned hats to checkered turquoise graphics, AriZona’s limited edition fashion collection is definitely one of the more aesthetically pleasing beverage-inspired clothing lines on the market.

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