Individuality-Honoring Lookbooks – The New Enzo Blues Summer Collection is Dubbed ‘Chillers’ (

The Enzo Blues Summer 2018 collection was recently revealed, and is introduced with a stylized lookbook that pays tribute to those who aren’t afraid to stand out in a group. Due to this, the Seoul-based streetwear label dubbed the collection ‘Chillers,’ a word that’s said to reference a friend who proclaims their individuality by functioning as a trendsetter, and who doesn’t care if others understand them or not.

To showcase this inspiration, Enzo Blues pictures its models alone in the lookbook, with each boasting a bold and colorful look that’s styled with an array of different pieces. Although all different, the looks are held together by a common theme of youthful playfulness. All of the pieces in the Chillers collection are currently available on the Enzo Blues website.

Image Credit: Dongwoo Kang

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