Integrated CAV Testing Environments – Ottawa L5 Allows Researchers to Safely Assess Smart Vehicles (

Ottawa L5 is North America’s very first connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) testing environment. With CAVs being the future of transportation, and capable of completely transforming the way that people travel, work, and live throughout the world, providing adequate testing grounds is vital to ensuring their success and more importantly, their safety.

Ottawa L5 houses two testing tracks, one that’s public, and another that’s private. The public track is located in Kanata North and offers a 9km testing environment that takes CAVs through public roads so that researchers can see how they react in a live city infrastructure. The private track is located in the Bayview Yards and is 16km long. As the track is within a fenced and gated facility, it’s ideal for pre-commercial development, testing, demonstrations, and validation purposes.

One factor that makes the Ottawa tracks stand out from others are the extreme temperatures that come through, which allows researchers to get a better understanding of how the technology reacts in environments where it can drop below -40 degrees Celsius.

Although CAVs are not fully anonymous yet, with automation levels defined on a scale of one to five, Ottawa L5 is dedicated to a futuristic vision in which they are, with its very name reflecting this.

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