Life-Size LEGO Trees – LEGOLAND Japan Honors Spring with a Record-Breaking Sakura Tree (

When one thinks of LEGO trees, the mind usually goes to miniature botanic representations that add a little green detail to one’s self-constructed LEGO city. However, LEGOLAND Japan takes it one step further with its Guinness World Record-breaking Sakura tree that is made entirely out of the toy blocks. The gigantic LEGO-made cherry blossom weighs a stunning 7,348 pounds. The awe-inspiring structure celebrates both the upcoming spring, as well as the theme park’s one year anniversary. Unsurprisingly, the structure boasts 881,470 block pieces and took nearly 6,700 hours to arrange.

Redefining the way people perceive LEGO trees forever, this pink block-made Cherry Blossom inspires curiosity, creativity and provides a wonderful photo opportunity. The project will be on display at LEGOLAND Japan until the 6th of May.

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