Low-Cost Doorway Gym Equipment – The Morphed Fitness ‘Straprack’ Takes Up Zero Floorspace (TrendHunter.com)

Keeping traditional gym equipment in their home isn’t a possibility for many consumers given the shrinking size of many living spaces, so alternative solutions like the Morphed Fitness ‘Straprack’ are being developed with this in mind. Taking up zero floorspace, the unit is designed to be installed onto a doorframe to let athletes train in their home without having to feel limited by the amount of space they have at their disposal. The system won’t cause any damage to doorframes to make it perfect for rentals, supports up to 250 pounds of weight and will make leg raises, pushups and more much easier to achieve.

The Morphed Fitness ‘Straprack’ is inexpensively priced at $125 for early bird supporters on Kickstarter, which will make it a must-have for athletes seeking to skip the gym and train from home instead.

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