Minimalist Sustainable Fashion Businesses – Unrecorded Focuses on the Clean, Simple and Sustainable (

Unrecorded is a sustainable fashion business that pioneers in Amsterdam with minimalist and colorful designs. Founded by Jolle van der Mast and Daniel Archutowksi, the label offers a collection of minimalist clothing — from basic t-shirts to chromatic hoodies, as well as a range of magazines, handcrafted ceramics and natural unisex perfumes.

The sustainable fashion business zeroes in on essential seasonless apparel to counter throw-away culture. Since the retailer sells directly to the consumer, the pieces are made to be affordable. In addition, the entirety of Unrecorded’s collection is made out of materials — including 100% organic cotton and lambswool, that are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Photo Credits: Luca Halma

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