Modern Steampunk Glasses – Yohji Yamamoto Launched a Gloomy Spring/Summer 2018 Eyewear Collection (

Drawing inspiration from futurism, science fiction and the avant-garde movement, Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto launches his Spring/Summer 2018 collection of steampunk glasses. The range includes four options, each varying in structural components — from titanium frames to singular rectangular lenses. The offerings come together with an overall gloomy aesthetic.

The fashion-forward Spring/Summer 2018 eyerwear collection ties in perfectly with Yohji Yamamoto’s designer portfolio. The steampunk glasses make for a wonderful accessory to the creative’s monochromatic fashion tendencies, while the dark and mysterious appearance allows for an eye-catching effect.

The Spring/Summer 2018 offerings range in price between $485 to $595 USD, signifying the use of high-quality materials, good design direction and the luxury that comes with the Yamamoto brand. In addition, each of the steampunk glasses is crafted in France with acetate and titanium.

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