Narrative-Based ETF Apps – ‘Arkera’ Connects International Events to Exchange-Traded Funds (

Exchange-traded funds, better known as ETFs, are a popular new investment option among financial advisors and common investors alike, and Arkera is a new app that helps both of those parties to make better use of the investments. The app connects current events to movements in various ETFs, giving consumers access to ETFs that they might not have known about in the past while helping advisors to better communicate the potential that ETFs have.

ETFs are a type of passive investment, meaning that they’re managed passively while consumers simply buy the stock once and forget about it. Every ETF essentially represents an index of a market, and most ETFs are actually managed by artificial intelligence. As opposed to the relatively high risk of buying an individual stock or the relatively low return of a bond, ETFs represent a happy medium between those two extremes.

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