Oddly Designed Inside-Out Trousers – Farfetch’s Bottoms Offering is Unconventional and Luxurious (TrendHunter.com)

Luxurious online fashion retailer Farfetched debuts its inside-out trousers as part of the Unravel Project. The design falls into a category that is largely experimental and seeks to redefine the origins and aesthetic of contemporary streetwear with a deconstructive approach. Although the offerings might not be particularly wearable in the context of the real world, the unconventional silhouettes are surely a source of inspiration and a means of reimagining the direction of contemporary fashion.

Farfetched’s inside-out trousers represent literally what one might imagine — a pair of jeans worn the ‘wrong’ way around. The retailer adds a black silk detail to the side of the piece. The inside-out trousers originally retailed for £920, however, as of right now their price has been significantly slashed to £368 (roughly $474 USD).

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