Parodic Advertising Campaigns – Cummins & Partners Creates a Funny Take on the Meet Grant Campaign (

Meet Grant is a popular campaign that featured a “car-proof man.” That is, the initiative featured a creatively imagined human with “reinforced ribs and a thick skull.”

Now, an Australian advertising agency — Cummings & Partners, collaborates with the Melbourne Advertising and Design Club on a parody of the highly regarded Meet Grant campaign but instead of a durable human that can withstand car crashes, the short film spotlights “The Only Person Designed to Survive a Career in Advertising.”

The updated Meet Grant campaign is quite humorous. The tongue-in-cheek initiate features a man with ears capable of “filtering out conflicting opinions,” “smaller than average genitals,” an extra liver for alcohol intake, as well as a “removable spine that aids dealing with various clients.”

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