Party-Sized Wine Kegs – Bridge Lane is Selling a Wine Keg Filled with 26 Bottles of Vino (

While beer lovers have always had the option to purchase kegs for parties and events, now vino fanatics can do the same thanks to Bridge Lane’s new wine keg. Filled with 26 bottles worth of wine, the party-sized keg is perfect for a crowd that prefers Chardonnay to IPAs.

Bridge Lane, which is a wine label from Long Island-based Lieb Cellars, is offering a massive wine keg that is definitely designed to share. Filled with more than 25 bottles of wine, the keg is designed to stay fresh for up to two month after it is tapped. Best of all, the kegs come in a wide variety of vinos, including Sauvignon Blanc, Red Blend, Chardonnay, White Merlot, and everyone’s favorite summer sipper, Rosé.

Image Credits: Bridge Lane.

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