Refreshingly Modern Branding Projects – Make Studio Boasts a Playful & Cheery Identity for ffeel: (

Hamburg-based Make Studio engages in a modern branding project for ffeel: — a German company with a focus on providing the consumer with refreshing vegan beverage options that combine cold brew coffee and superfruits. Under ‘modern’ one is to understand a graphic-forward approach that communicates a youthful spirit with a dynamic interplay of elements.

While the packaging of the product relies primarily on the rounded shape of the bottles, a color and an artful typeface, the modern branding project extends to the overall boldness and design-driven aesthetic of the advertising imagery. By extracting words that can be affiliated with the ffeel: product or its customer, Make Studio arranges the bottles in a design-friendly manner that calls attention to adjectives like ‘Exotic,’ ‘Curious,’ ‘Fresh’ and ‘Alive’

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