Relatable Singer-Staring Ketchup Ads – Heinz’s Ad Was Inspired by a DM’d Voice Note from Ed Sheeran (

Ed Sheeran is the star of Heinz Ketchup’s latest ketchup’ ad spot — a humorous commercial that was inspired by a voice note the singer DM’d to the condiment company.

The commercial features the down-to-earth singer in a fancy restaurant. Sheeran narrates the experience, detailing chandeliers, numerous cutlery options and historic paintings. Dressed in his signature plaid shirt, Sheeran sits at a table where he’s served a dish so fancy it makes him feel entirely out of place. Luckily, the singer packed a bottle of Heinz Ketchup and begins to pour the condiment onto the food, despite on-lookers appearing shocked and disgusted. The singer reveals that ketchup is the “only thing that can complete” him.

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