Resealable Goat Cheese Cups – Cypress Grove Launched Fresh Goat Cheese Cups in Dynamic Flavors (

Award-winning cheese producer Cypress Grove announced an addition to its line of goat cheese products at this year’s Winter Fancy Food Show with its all-new Fresh Goat Cheese Cups.

The four-ounce, resealable cups are offered in classic, spicy, savory and sweet flavors, as identified by colorful names like the Straight Up, Danger Zone, Little Red Corvette and Sweet Dreams, respectively. In terms of taste and texture, the products are said to be creamy with well-balanced acidity, plus the benefits of 12 grams protein per cup.

As well as offering a clean snacking solution, the new products with convenient packaging from Cypress Grove were devised to help consumers “cut down on time in the kitchen and enjoy a healthy, flavorful cheese as fast as [they] can open the lid and peel off the foil.”

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