Revealing Lace-Up Jeans – This Product by Fashion Nova is Perfect for a Bodacious Figure (

From non-stretchy materials that prevent a design to fit over calves and thighs to a disproportionate layout that leaves too much room on the waist, it is often the case that women have difficulty finding the right pant fit, but these lace-up jeans might be a promising solution.

Fashion Nova — a Kardashian-endorsed label, offers up a sizable collection of curve-friendly silhouettes. One of them is a lace-up jean model, called ‘Wild Thang.’ With a variety of patterns and colorways, including a camo in olive, pink, burgundy, grey and orange, the lace-up jeans are revealing and provocative. Made of 97% cotton and 3% spandex for a light stretch, the high-rise pant offering by Fashion Nova is without a doubt an experiment in stylish design.

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