Robot-Built Ultra-Tiny Houses – Femto-ST Institute Researchers Created the World’s Smallest House (

The world’s smallest house stands 0.015 millimeters high, takes up 0.02 millimeters by 0.01 millimeters of space and has walls that are “made of an ultra-thin silica membrane that is just 0.0012 millimeters thick.” The incredible project was kickstarted by researchers from the Femto-ST Institute in Besançon, France.

The micro-house was made possible with the help of innovative technology and nano-robots. The assembly of the world’s smallest house called for the use of a special technique that featured a “tiny robot, working in a vacuum chamber.” An ion beam strategically cut the proportions of the house, which has a standard gabled roof structure, and the membrane was able to self-fold into the desired shape. Thereafter, a less-intense beam was used to weld the parts together.

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