Sculptural Brutalist Jewelry – Studio Oh Design Has a Collection That is Earthy, Raw and Bold (

Studio Oh Design boasts a bold collection of handmade brutalist jewelry that is informed by nature and expressive “theatrical exaggeration.” The brand is developed through the vision of two sisters based in Tel Aviv.

Rinat Reuveni and Michal Kagan undertake a largely experimental approach to their existing business. The artisans focus on unique industrial materials for their brutalist jewelry collections. Their creative process includes the use of polymer clay, Japanese glass beads, oxidized silver, cardboard and Tyvek. As a result, Studio Oh Design’s offerings have a naturally raw and edgy aesthetic that contributes an earthy tone to the appearance. Therefore, the highly sculptural brutalist jewelry has a minimalist and bold silhouette that brings about an incredibly strong aspect in the narrative of everyday outfits.

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