Shimmery Chocolate Eggs – Cadbury’s New Shimmer Mini Eggs Feature a Sparkly Candy Shell (

Just when you thought that Mini Eggs couldn’t get any better, Cadbury has teased an eye-catching new offering called Shimmer Mini Eggs. Just as the name suggests, these tiny treats are classic Mini Eggs with a sparkly new look.

Cadbury’s new Shimmer Mini Eggs are a festive Easter treat that will be rolling out over the next few months. Each egg-shaped chocolate is wrapped in a pastel candy coating, but unlike the original Mini Eggs, each one is then finished with a “crisp shimmer sugar shell.” The result is striking little candies that will definitely stand out next to other, more matte Easter offerings.

Sold in both 1.4- and 9-ounce bags, the new Shimmer Mini Eggs are a great Easter treat for friends or for your own personal snack drawer.

Image Credits: Cadbury.

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