Silicone Outdoor Headlamps – The ‘Bandicoot’ Headlamp Offers Supreme Comfort and Flexible Lighting (

Australian company Knog has developed quite a reputation for its high-tech but comfortable cycling lights and gadgets, and the company is furthering its reputation in this area with the unveiling of the Bandicoot, an innovative outdoor headlamp that makes ample use of silicone for a more comfortable fit.

The problem with most cycling and outdoor headlamps is that they’re rather uncomfortable to wear, especially when worn for long periods. But the Bandicoot gets around this problem by using hard silicone, which doesn’t only maintain its stretch factor but also rests more comfortably against the hair.

As for the lighting itself, this outdoor headlamp lets you choose between central, elliptical and low-energy beams. This choice allows you to choose the right lighting option whether you’re navigating a dark road or simply trying to read a book in your tent.

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