Slow Motion Cookie Videos – The Slow Mo Guys & Oreo’s Elaborate Stunt Stars a “Treadmill Waiter” (

Oreo is releasing a series of fun, influencer-created cookie videos that are centered upon showing “Some People’ll Do Anything For An Oreo.” In collaboration with The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube, Oreo is now sharing an elaborate stunt that has gone viral involving a giant pool of milk, a raised treadmill and a waiter—as the title of the video suggests, the cookie video does involve “falling on a moving treadmill in slow mo.”

While Oreo’s YouTube channel features just a short teaser of the video, the sponsored version that appears on The Slow Mo Guys’ channel is nine minutes in length, capturing all of the action from different angles. The video was released just days ago, yet it has already collected nearly a million views.

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