Spice-Infused Sparkling Drinks – The Levi Roots Exotic Kick Beverage is Balanced and Flavorful (TrendHunter.com)

The Levi Roots Exotic Kick beverage has been unveiled as a new carbonated drink that will offer an unexpectedly different flavor for consumers to enjoy this summer. The drink features flavors of mango and coconut that have been paired with “a kick of chili,” which offers a hint of spiciness that will be favored by consumers seeking a different kind of soda to enjoy.

The Levi Roots Exotic Kick beverage has been especially created for the convenience store market and has been formulated to not be impacted by the UK sugar tax as it contains less than five grams of sugar per 100ml. The drink speaks to the increased demand in exotically flavored beverages as consumers seek out alternative forms of refreshment.

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