Stuffed Berry Snacks – Driscoll’s Took Inspiration from Justin Timberlake and Created ‘Braspberries’ (

Near the end of 2017, Justin Timberlake took to Instagram to question why it is that a blueberry fits so perfectly within a raspberry and as a result, introduced the world to a berry snack he dubbed the “Braspberry.” Just recently, Timberlake starred in a commercial for the beverage brand Bai where this hybrid creation was mentioned, but the ad touched on unique flavor fusions rather than a new product.

Now, Driscoll’s is giving people the chance to truly experience the taste of a Braspberry by introducing its newest hand-picked and hand-stuffed creation. The product is touted as one that promises “twice the flavor, double the joy.”

Although the unique berry snack has not yet hit the market, Driscoll’s has confirmed that it is packaging the product for promotional purposes, due to Braspberries quickly becoming a viral sensation.

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