Travel-Focused Savings Apps – ‘Tripcents’ Combines Budgeting with Passive Deal Searches (

There are countless apps that find consumers the best, most timely deals on things like flights and hotels, and there are also countless apps that save money for every purchase that users make to help them passively grow the amount of money that they have stored away, but ‘Tripcents’ is a new app that cleverly combines those two services into one. The app simultaneously helps people save enough money to take the trips that they want, and it hunts out the best deals once that money’s been saved up.

To start using Tripcents, users input when they’d like to travel, where they want to go, and what they’d like to do once they’ve arrived. The app will then recommend a savings plan, and users can connect their bank account to let it manage their savings for them. It will also push notifications for flights and hotels as users’ money accumulates.

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