Wake-Up Call Services – ‘Fishermen Call’ Serves as an Unusual Alarm Clock (TrendHunter.com)

Fisherman Call is a free service introduced in Japan aimed at people who have trouble waking up in the morning. This unconventional alarm service has real fishermen from one of the world’s top fishing grounds, the Sanriku region, call registered users at their requested time to strike up a conversation, waking them up.

To participate, users have to register online, providing their name, phone number and what time they would like to be woken up at. Users even have the option of selecting a specific fisherman to wake them up based several profiles available on this site.

The main purpose behind this campaign is to create an interest in the country’s oldest, but dwindling profession by connecting the fishermen with Japan’s youth. Smart technology has the capability to do a multitude of tasks, but the added element of nostalgia, and genuine human connection are factors which contribute to this company’s success.

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