Yakitori-Inspired Izakayas – Hatch Yakitori + Bar Brings Japanese Grilling to LAs Newest Mall (TrendHunter.com)

Located in LA’s latest open-air-retail complex, The Bloc, Hatch Yakitori + Bar is a new Japanese Izakaya serving up modern takes on Japanese classics. Owned and operated by Daniel Shemtob, this new eatery feature’s a unique twist on the Japenese cooking method known as yakitori and celebrates Japanese flavors in a new and innovative way. Like traditional yakitori’s in Japan, Hatch utilizes binchōtan charcoal, which is known to give off a distinct and delicious smoky flavor. The entire menu of Hatch Yakitori + Bar is not dedicated to yakitori as the eatery also offers up a raw bar, bento boxes and fried dishes.

The restaurant is currently split into two sections. The first is built for all-day walk-in orders and is focused more on a takeout style. The second section is dedicated to seated service and features the majority of Hatch Yakitori + Bar’s menu. The restaurant also features sake on tap and eight beers from Japanese makers and out-of-state breweries.

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